Kenneth D. Henson, MD, FACC


Dr. Kenneth D. Henson is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in Cardiovascular Disease (2013) as well as Internal Medicine (2014). He began medical practice in Sarasota in 1995 and is a former Chief of Cardiology at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Henson’s medical career started early. His father was a small town family doctor, and as a teenager he worked in his father’s practice after school and on weekends. On many occasions his father would wake him him to drive on late night house-calls. He would sleep in the car while his father saw his patients before starting the drive back home. Dr. Henson remembers the close relationship between his father, his patients, and their families.  He wasn’t just their doctor, he was a part of their lives.

During his college years, Dr. Henson worked part time as a laboratory assistant, emergency medical technician, and ambulance driver. His initial intent was to complete his medical training and join his father in practice, but his training and his passion took him in a different direction. After completing his Internal Medicine residency he worked full time as an emergency department doctor until he started his training in cardiology at the University of Florida. At that time, cardiology was in a state of revolution. Angioplasty, coronary stents, clot busting drugs were changing the way patients with heart disease were treated.   Upon completion of his cardiology fellowship at the University of Florida, Dr. Henson was accepted to a prestigious Interventional cardiology training program at Washington Hospital Center/Georgetown University (the busiest cardiac program in the world at that time). While at the Hospital Center, he helped develop and test many new medical devices such as coronary stents, lasers, and atherectomy devices while also testing revolutionary new medical treatments. His research was presented at national meetings of the American College of Cardiology and was published in national scientific journals listed in the bibliography below.

He started his cardiology practice in Sarasota in 1995, and initially focused heavily on interventional cardiology. He performed thousands of cardiac catheterizations, coronary angioplasties, and stent procedures. Dr. Henson stopped performing invasive procedures around 2004 and shifted his practice to general cardiology, focusing on treating patients with complex heart disease. In this practice, he realized many of his patients had a host of medical problems, and heart disease bwas only one of them. Dr. Henson saw how frustrated his patients were by a fragmented and impersonal healthcare system. They went from one doctor to another for different problems, often struggling with poor communication between their specialists. He realized that they needed someone like his father to take charge of all their healthcare needs and to help them navigate an increasingly complicated system. Dr. Henson completed the prerequisite coursework to recertify in Internal Medicine, and in January of 2014, he changed to a concierge medical practice model combining Internal Medicine, urgent care, and Cardiology. He combines the personal attention he saw his father provide to families for years with medical technology of which his father could have never dreamed.

Additional certification also includes the following:

  • Founding Physician/Scientist Member of the Society of Cardiovascular Computerized Tomography (CT)
  • Registered Physician for Vascular Interpretation (RPVI)
  • Certified in Travel Health
  • American Society of Preventative Cardiology

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